Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pablo Picasso line drawings.

I chose Pablo Picasso's line drawing's because they are really cool. I think he is good because not everything is in perspective, the picture below has extremely big hands & other part on his face that isn't right but somehow it works.
Ive always looked at Picasso's work & liked it since i was a little girl. Something about it just grabs my attention. Perhaps its because it is out of the ordinary or because its weird but i love it.
  I love this image above! I love how it doesn't have very much detail but at the same time its amazing! Probably one of my favourite line drawings done by Picasso.
 I also really like this image, it passes on a message of being relaxed & safe. Like i have said before his work is not always perfect (like the fingers on this painting) but it still makes you look at it & think thats what makes his work amazing. It also passes on a message saying that your drawing doesn't have to be perfect just as long as you try your best.
When i first saw this image i thought it was really weird, but after looking at it i think it is pretty cool. I love the way you can see what the image is even though it doesn't look right, the body's are almost like they are attached together, maybe he was trying to express the feeling of love & sexuality in the drawing i don't know but its amazing like all of his weird and wonderful pictures are.


  1. can you name the second and fourth images by Picasso?
    -much Thanks

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